Nikolaus Bayer
Funding, know how
and sparring for early stage
software ventures,
and climate rescuers


BeAI is the holding company of angel investor Nikolaus D. Bayer. We invest in early stage B2B startups, usually shortly before or shortly after their market entry. We pay particular attention to ventures working on ambitious and substantial technological advances.

Beyond financial resources, an essential aspect of each involvment is a steady company as advisor and sparring partner - based on more than 20 years of active entrepreneurial experience.

Our main focus is on software ventures. We are particularly fond of topics in the domains of digitalisation, artificial intelligence, operations research, and impact/sustainability. Regarding hardware, we are looking at startups fighting climate change.

Ultimately, commercial success counts. On top of this, we love ventures which make this world a better place. Some examples are our past and current investments in better living, education, green technologies, or IT security.


Anyblock Analytics GmbH
Blockchain solution provider offering consulting, tools, and data to integrate business processes with blockchain
BidX GmbH
SaaS solution for merchants on Amazon to automate and optimize PPC advertisements
Biodegradable, functionalized bio-plastics for better products and a cleaner, more sustainable world
Blockdaemon Inc.
Independent blockchain infrastructure platform connecting institutions and developers to leading networks
Boomerang Systems UG
Reusable, sustainable packaging for e-commerce
Special machinery for the waste management industry, as well for material recycling and recovery
Cognilize GmbH
AR/VR based training systems to improve the cognitive performance of athletes
comuny GmbH
Software toolkit enabling simple, secure, compliant and fully digital communication between businesses and their customers
Democrance Limited
InsurTech enabling partnerships that make insurance more accessible and affordable through the power of technology
EnterPay Oy
White-label solution for banks and payment service providers to generate revenue from invoice payments in the B2B e-commerce space
ForTunes (Original Egg GmbH)
All-in-one music and social media insights app with comprehensive music data analytics for artists, bands and producers
Intruder Systems Limited
Online vulnerability scanner that finds cyber security weaknesses in your digital infrastructure, to avoid costly data breaches
IRIS Analytics
Solution provider for high availability real-time software for transaction analysis in electronic payments
Convenient price risk management for dairy farmers
Supply chain management software easing and streamlining communication between stakeholders in inter-company supply chains
Myria Biosciences AG
Transforming drug development by combining synthetic biology, artificial intelligence for unmet medical needs GmbH
Software and services for a radically easy transition to sustainable energy solutions
sigo GmbH
Sigo adds sharing of electric cargo bikes to the urban mobility mix. Easy self-service rental via app, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
StudySmarter UG
Intelligent and content-agnostic platform to improve life-long learning for everyone
tomorrow university
Remote-first university empowering and educating change makers committed to creating a better tomorrow
Next generation contract management: automate, create, negotiate, sign, and administer all legal agreements on a single SaaS platform
Highly automated drone-based health checks of solar power plants